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۶ you're like a butterfly who's lost flight. and, my, what a pitiful sight.
adam "artemis" berlitz. a killer. a charmer. a man in a mask whose blade cuts bone deep.
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Her name blinked on his screen repeatedly, ‘Shae O’Reilly' a cascading blue amongst dark walls. Artemis smiled to himself, and under the low hums of drumming music, pressed the call button.

"Shae O’Reily," he murmured through the phone in a voice so smug, so sure. Leaning his back against the siding of a building, he exhumed the look of pompous arrogance; suit was pristine, hair done in a manner that would kill. He looked sharp—exceptionally so—but it wasn’t just for business, and this Purgatory manager could expect far more than a mere professional visit. "Are you sitting pretty, my dear? I heard your business was going very well. Very profitable. I decided that if we wanted to play this game, I would make the first move, and you the first recipient. I hope you don’t mind—" a playful smirk was heard, his expression literally audible through sheer tone alone "—but then again, it wouldn’t matter if you did or not. Mind if I come in? It seems as if tonight is another busy day, but I’m sure you can spare some time for an old friend."

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    “There’s no reason to be afraid of me,” he had said all those years ago as a shaken cry tumbled out of the innocent man...
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    Shae held back the lump in her throat, afraid to nudge the blade into her skin. He wouldn’t kill her, of that she was...